INTO A brand today.
& start doing more of what you love tomorrow. 
Imagine if you could build a brand today that allowed you to:
work from anywhere in the world 
 be free of corporate life
be in control of your career
have your own clients 
 own your own time
Here's what happened to me after telling my story, 
and turning my passion into a brand... 
  •  GET PAID TO TRAVEL THE WORLD:  Get recognized for your value and get paid to do what you love. 
  • DREAM CLIENTS: Work with major brands, publications and influencers. 
  •  ENGAGED & LOYAL COMMUNITY: Inspire others and spread your mission. 
  •  HIRED TO SHARE KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS: Become a sought out expert in your niche. 
  •  OWNERSHIP OF MY OWN TIME: The ability to work from anywhere in the world and create my own career path. 
  •  SELL PRODUCTS & MAKE MONEY: Gain reach, add value and creditability to attract customers to buy your goods / services. 
A 7 module program with live coaching and accountability 
 where I let you in on my personal strategies and tactics 
 to help you grow your brand on and offline, authentically and quickly 
so that you can live life the way you want. 
Sorry this Course is closed for 2018 
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The Travelingfro Instagram Brand Building Course

is the ultimate jumpstart course to growing your following, online presence, and visual portfolio to build a loyal community, grow your brand awareness, and increase your income so that you can do more of what you love. 

Starting with the most powerful marketing tool there is: Instagram.  
Here's What You Will Learn: 
 How to take what you are passionate about and turn that into a brand
 What your brand is and how to translate it to IG and other platforms
 How to identify your target audience and who you are actually talking to
 How to choose a name, look and feel to stand out in a saturated market
 How to set your Instagram account up for success from day 1
 What companies are looking for when it comes to partnering and collaborating 
 How to create relevant thumb-stopping content to better engage with your audience
 How to master story telling on IG stories to double your engagement 
 Growth hacks to help you grow your Instagram account quickly and effectively
Here's what 2018 course students had to say: 
the unconventionalista. 
the nomad. 
the therapist. 

Kim Rodrigues - Traveler, Blogger and Citizen of The World. 

"If there’s ever a course to get on branding, it’s this one. And if there’s ever a woman to trust who knows what she’s talking about, it’s Jakiya. Looking at her amazing Instagram and seeing her flawless brand, at first I thought, 'there’s no way I can do that.' But having gone through this course with her, I can say for the first time, I believe 100% that I can do it. Jakiya really knows brand development and gives incredible, personalized advice. She walks you through every step of the process, even at the beginning stages, and goes above and beyond for her clients. And the best part is, I’m able to take my time and come back to the worksheets and the tribe whenever I have a question or concern. Because of this course I now have a plan of action, I am beginning to see and understand my brand, and I have the confidence to move forward without fear."

Victoria V - Traveler, Real Estate Broker, Nature Enthusiast. 

"I’m so grateful to have met Jakiya earlier this year and I know it’s the universe working it’s magic because people come into your life for a purpose. I’ve joined her collective tribe and have taken part in her webinars and set my goals with the worksheets she’s provided. The advice and content she provides her clients is invaluable! Her strong background in marketing and brand development is really useful because that elements are needed in any industry where someone is an entrepreneur. That person seeks to know their audience and leave a lasting impression and Jakiya helps with that. In the time that I’ve worked with her, I can see my mindset start to shift and focus more on how I want to start solidifying my image and portray who I am and what I want my audience to know me for."

Delina Medhin - Celebrity Makeup Artist and Natural Beauty Enthusiast. 

"Jakiya is a marketing guru, she has studied social and worked for top beauty brands. She makes Instagram fun by encouraging me to stay true to my personal style while using clever personal branding in stories. After working with her my storytelling became more confident. Her personal stories are so fun to watch I'm so grateful she is excited about helping us create memorable brands too. You are learning from the best, and i'm so excited for you to start your Insta journey! Good Luck!" 
 want to take steps that get you closer to doing more of what you love as a career.
 are passionate about something and need direction on where to start or where to go next. 
 want to use Instagram to grow your passion into a business, make money and land partnerships.
 are open minded, willing to learn, and understand GOOD branding and businesses aren’t built overnight.  
 are ready to invest in YOU.
Your Instructor: 

Jakiya Brown

With 6+ years of corporate experience as a lead marketing brand manager at companies like L'Oreal, she quit her 9-9 to purse travel full-time. She was able to turn her passion into a brand, build a community over 15K people, work with companies on social media and branding strategy and now coaches digital nomads and aspire entrepreneurs like you how to make their dream a reality starting with Instagram so that you have more freedom and be empowered to create the life you want to live. 
Ready to launch your brand? 
Take a look inside the course: 
Step by step video modules to help you launch and grow your brand on IG tomorrow. 
I go into extreme detail, give real life examples and receipts of how I and others in my network turned their passion into a brand and grew it on IG. 

Do the work and get results. 

I will support you every step of the way. 
Worksheets, resources, activities proven to help you get your passion into gear and looking, feeling and functioning like a true brand. 
Map it out!

Actionable worksheets and activities that help you work through your questions, road blocks and creativity process. 
Live 24/7 support in our private group of creators, brands and others like you and I from around the world. 
Knowing you are not alone! It's a struggle to create everything from scratch with no one to rely on for opinions help or even understanding of what you are working towards (story of how I started) but The Travelingfro Collective group will solve that. 
 Connect with accountability partners in different stages of their brand 
 Hear what's working (& not working) from other creators in
various niches
 Hear from influencers and brands in my network on how they are mastering the game. 

 Set goals, share ideas and get real time feedback. 
1 on 1 LIVE consulting sessions with me. 
Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? 

Receive custom support during our LIVE Q&A calls. Ask your specific questions, get my feedback and plan next steps. 
I'm 100% dedicated to making sure you succeed in turning your passion into you a successful brand so that you can do more of what you love. 
Master Classes, insights and connections to successful influencers, bloggers, & entrepreneurs in my network. 
Get a front row seat to live interviews, master classes and more of people who have been where you are, and are now doing exactly what you want to do. Hear how they did it and get questions answered from other point of views than just me. 
Frequently Asked Questions:
When does the course start and finish?
The course is at your own pace, you can start it whenever you want and take as long as you need! I do recommend not skipping ahead to other modules and really diving into each one at a time as they are presented for maximum  results. There are modules with a few videos each, all under 15 min. Very digestible! 
How long do I have access to the course?
As long as you need! Both memberships grant you lifetime access to come and go as you please as long as you like. Perfect for checking in during your stages of growth. 
What if I am unhappy with the course? 
More than anyone I understand the #coinz struggle. If you are unhappy contact me within 15 days for your money back. 
What if I already have a developed brand? 
The course is set up for any stage and any age. If there are super specific questions go ahead and book a 1 on 1 with me once you take a look at the modules (VIP access only). 
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